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For most First Time Home Buyers the house buying process appears to be a frightening maze involving many unanswered questions: emotional, financial and legal. At Veterans Realty Services we specialize in catering to the needs of the First Time Home Buyer.

Through specialization we can make the First Time Home Buying process a smooth, pleasant experience, and we save you money in the process.

Our Real Estate Professionals have helped 1000's of families realize the dream of Home Ownership. We can help you find the Home you want and get the financing you need to make your home buying dreams a reality.

Buyers Protection:

  • Every home must be appraised by a certified Government appraiser, guaranteeing that you pay fair market value.

  • Every home must have a state licensed termite inspection and clearance provided to the Buyer at Close of Escrow.

  • All homes come with a one-year home warranty. This policy insures you against any major expense that could arise from plumbing, heating or electrical problems within the first year you own your home.

Best Home Loan Terms

  • You can qualify for a home loan of up to $400,000 without needing any money down.

  • The seller may pay all of the Buyers closing costs. This way you move in with no money out of your pocket.

  • Your Interest Rate is fixed, so you never have to worry about your house payments going up.

  • When you buy your home its also possible to have the seller pay off up to $6000 of your personal debt to help you qualify for the Loan.

  • Your Home Owner's Tax Break can make up to 25% of your house payment for you!

If you think that owning a home might cost more than renting, think again! Just take a look at our example and chart below and you'll realize that the opposite is true! Especially when you take into consideration the incredible Tax Break you receive when you become a Home Owner.

Remember, payments on your own home are fixed.
They will not go up like rent!

A single person with an annual salary of $40,000 has itemized deductions of $2,000 without owning a home. Since $2,000 is less than the Standard Deduction of $3,600 this person would use the Standard Deduction if renting. The person buys a condo or a single-family unit with an annual mortgage principal, interest and property tax payment of $12,000 ($1,000 per month).

Description Renting  Buying
$ 40,000
$ 40,000
Standard Deductions
Itemized Deductions
Exemptions (1)
Taxable Income
Income Tax - Federal
Income Tax - State
Total Tax
$   8,734
$   4,891
W-4 Exemptions
Approx. Mo.. Take-home Pay
$   2,274
$   2,574

How Much Rent Will You Pay?
(Assuming a 5% annual rent increase)

  $800.00 $30,240 $52,800 $117,600 $496,800
  $900.00 $34,020 $59,400 $132,300 $558,900
$1000.00 $37,800 $66,000 $147,000 $621,000
$1100.00 $41,580 $72,600 $161,700 $683,100
$1200.00 $45,360 $79,200 $176,400 $745,200
$1300.00 $49,140 $85,800 $191,000 $807,300
$1400.00 $52,920 $92,400 $205,800 $869,400
$1500.00 $56,700 $99,000 $220,500 $931,500




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