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Now only in California

Prior to 2011 we had the ability to make VA home loans in all 50 states, however the government is passing more and more regulations which makes it almost impossible for companies like ours to co business outside of our home state. This has the unfortunate side effect of eliminating competition and making it more difficult to obtain VA financing and causing rates and fees to be less competitive.

We have been making VA loans since 1990 and are willing and able to help you at any time, but now only in California.

If you wish to purchase or finance a home in California, you have several options. First you can call us at (800) 246-8709 for a free quote and advice. You can reach us through our Contact Page. And finally, you can simply go to our Apply Online page to fill out a short application which will allow us to get back to you quickly with any information you need.



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